Siat Nigeria - first RSPO-certified company in Nigeria

Siat Nigeria Limited (SNL), a subsidiary of the Siat Group, joins the circle of the few RSPO-certified plantations in Africa (7 plantations). SNL joins GOPDC, another subsidiary of the group already certified in Ghana.

SNL received its certificates in October 2019 and becomes the first RSPO-certified company in Nigeria.

This certificate illustrates the commitment of the Siat Group and SNL to the production of responsible palm oil. Concerned about sustainable economic development, the group demonstrates through this certificate that it respects the environmental and social pillars and supports the development of neighbouring communities.

To obtain these two certificates, one that cover plantation and mill and one for the crusher, SNL complied with all the requirements of the standards: RSPO P&C (Principle - Criteria) and RSPO SCCS (Supply Chain Certification Standard).


The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is an international organization established in 2004 with the objective of promoting the growth and use of sustainable oil palm products through credible global standards and engagement of stakeholders and leading to the marketing of certified sustainable palm oil (or CSPO). It brings together producers (over 170 in 2019), traders, manufacturers of consumer goods, retailers, banks and investors as well as environmental and social rights NGOs (over 100 in 2019).


The two SNL plantations, based in River State, have been planted since 1960 and have been managed by Siat since 2011. They can now produce and market CSPO and CSPKO (certified sustainable palm Kernel Oil). Production is currently destined to the internal market. SNL can also market RSPO credits through the book and claim system.


To obtain this certificate all the company's services have been mobilized, we have received the support of the departments in charge of QHSE & sustainability, the support of the management of SNL and the full support of the top management of the group. We have also received support from many partners such as Proforest.

Together we have transformed the 17,000ha of SNL from conventional agriculture to responsible agriculture. The establishment of 300 hectares of conservation zones (on an existing plantation), the improvement of the safety and working conditions of the 5,800 employees, the creation of schools, the use of more than 80% renewable energy are some examples of actions that related to this success.


We would like to thank all employees and stakeholders for their commitment. Together we shall continue our efforts to make this certificate a step towards a daily and continuous improvement.


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